Celebrating 55 years Of excellence

Our Brands

Cooper & Turner (UK)

ASTM A325 Bolts (Black & HDG), ASTM A490 Bolts, DIN 6914 Bolts (Black & HDG), 8.8 Hot Dip Galvanized/Black Bolts, F436 Washer, A56310S Nut, Threaded bars etc.

August & Friedberg (GmbH)

DIN 6914 Bolts (Black & HDG), DIN 6915 Nuts, DIN 6916 Washers, DIN 6917 Taper Washers (5 degrees), DIN 6918 Taper Washers (8 degrees).

Applied Bolting

Applied Bolting Technology manufactures direct tension indicating (DTI) washers. These washers are used to get bolts installed to the correct TENSION, regardless of the bolt’s torque resistance.


Grade 12.9 Allen Bolts (Socket Screw Bolt), Grade 10.9 Bolts, Grade 8.8 Bolts etc.

TVS (Sundaram Fasteners)

TVS (Sundaram Fasteners)